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Blizzard 97717

Blizzard 97717   Blizzard 97717

Blizzard Rustler 10 2017

 $649.95    $519.96

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Product details provided by Bentgate:
The Rustler 10 is an all new ski from Blizzard this year that we are very excited to carry. Coming in at 102mm underfoot, it's a great ski for a variety of conditions. Even with the fatter waist this ski is still surprisingly responsive and light. Blizzard was able to achieve this by building the Rustler 10 with an ISO-Paulownia-Balsa-Poplar-Beech Wood Core, Titanal, and a Carbon Flipcore. The ISO-Paulownia-Balsa-Poplar-Beech Wood Core is what keeps the ski light and poppy while the titanal makes the ski stiff and damp underfoot. The titanal in the Rustler 10 tapers off as it moves towards the tip and tail to save weight again. This is where the Carbon Flipcore comes in on the tip and tail, allowing the ends of the ski to hold an edge on icy surfaces. The Rustler 10 is a light ski that will work well at the resort and in the backcountry thanks to its robust lightweight construction. The impressive tip rocker and slight tail rocker keep the Rustler 10's turning radius surprisingly short at 16m for the 172cm length. All of the core components plus this shape make a fun, maneuverable ski that excels in powder but still has the power to rip... More

Blizzard 97717
Item #: 97717
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