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Dynafit 101010

Dynafit 101010   Dynafit 101010

Dynafit TLT7 Performance Boots

 $899.95    $349.99

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Product details provided by Bentgate:
A revolutionary ski mountaineering boot with an emphasis on speed, the TLT 7 is for those covering high mileage on big days. Dynafit's Speed Nose saves weight by eliminating the toe welt and improves stride while skinning by moving the tech inserts closer to the foot. The smooth toe design also make the TLT 7 walk incredibly well on dry ground without the catch at the end of the stride common in most skis boots. The Ultralock 3.0 Closure System combines the instep buckle, cuff closure, and walk mode into one buckle system at the cuff, and transitioning has never been faster. It is an option to tour with the cuff open and the instep closed or the boot open entirely, but closing the cuff will tighten the instep and lock the boot into ski mode. An "L" shaped exoskeleton called Lambda Frame adds lateral stiffness and helps stiffen the fore and aft flex. Binding step in is also improved with Masterstep tech inserts and is rumored to be 50% easier than before. We found the TLT 7 to have a slightly wider fit than past Dynafit offerings, so don't hesitate to try on even it the TLT 7 Dynafit boots have been too narrow in the... More

Dynafit 101010
Item #: 101010
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