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Tecnica 91061

Tecnica 91061   Tecnica 91061

Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro AT Boot

 $799.95    $399.99

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Comfort, performance, and lightweight design, the Zero G Guide Pro has it all. Based on Tecnica's popular Cochise boot, the Zero G's C.A.S shell provides one of the most anatomically shaped fit on the market. This means a great out of the box fit that will last even as the liner packs out. The lightweight Palau liner is fully moldable and highly customizable. With a progressive 130 flex, four buckles, and full overlap construction, you might think you're wearing a beefy alpine boot. High density plastic along the sole keeps the Zero G rigid while saving weight. In tour mode, the Mobility Cuff provides 44 degrees of motion, and Tecnica's self adjusting ski/walk mechanism tightens as it wears to eliminate any play in the connection as your boots age. Dynafit certified tech fittings are milled into the boot itself for a responsive and secure connection. The grippy Skywalker rubber sole is interchangeable with standard alpine sole blocks, letting you use this "quiver of one" boot in both alpine and tech bindings. This is the one boot to rule them all! Sizes: 22.5 - 30.5 MP 1/2 Sizes only Flex: 130 The flex index is the plastic hardness of the ski boots. The maximum is 150 while the minimum is 60 (it cornerns the adult collection). Volume: 99 mm Low Volume. The last indexs the width of the shell. It varies from a maximum of 104 to a minimum of 93 (it concerns the adult collection). Weight: 1540g (26.5 MP) MVT: The volume indexs the greatness of the shell. The Tecnica ski boots collection has different volumes: ELV (Extra low volume), LV (low volume), MV (medium volume), MV FR (Medium volume freeride), MV T (medium volume touring), HV (high volume), HV+ (high volume plus). (it cornerns the adult collection). C.A.S. SHELL: The C.A.S. Shell is anatomically shaped and marries perfectly with the liners. The dimples on the shell serve as a roadmap for problem fit areas and are easy to customize if needed. The anatomical shape provides a great out-of-the box fit with the ability to be easily customized for problem fit areas. Better fit equals comfort, warmth and performance! MOBILITY CUFF: The Mobility Cuff uses a metal-to-metal device for a solid, strong connection. When in the hike mode there is 42Adeg (for Cochise) - 44Adeg (for Zero G) range of motion for great upward mobility. The new S.A.S., Self Adjusting System, eliminates any play in the connection. A solid, strong, connection that won't loosen over time and offers a great range of motion results in a great skier experience whether hiking to your secret stash or crushing your favorite run. LIFT LOCK BUCKLES: The innovative Lift Lock mechanism holds the buckle away from the boot. A flick of the lever releases the buckle when you are ready to buckle up. Ultimate convenience - no buckles catching while you are trying to get in or out of the boots. Super easy, simple and fast. LOW TECH INSERT: Dynafit certified low tech inserts are fully integrated into the sole providing a solid connection from boot to binding. Built in for ultimate performance, safety and... More

Tecnica 91061
Item #: 91061
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