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Lake MX331 Shoe - Men's

Lake MX331 Shoe - Men's   Lake MX331 Shoe - Men's

Lake MX331 Shoe - Men's

 $389.95    $97.49

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The Lake Men's MX331 Shoes deliver efficient power transfer and sure grip with comfortable durability. Made from equine leather lauded for its strength and durability, the upper fends off errant trail debris to provide protection for your feet through technical runs. Strategically placed mesh prevents overheating, and Lake incorporates its Outlast temperature-regulating fabric in the heel and tongue lining. As a result, your feet will remain at a consistent, comfortable temperature, regardless of whether it's hot or cold out. The MX331 utilizes Lake's Mountain Performance Last, which is designed with a curved profile and increased heel lift and toe pitch to handle high-cadence, high-pressure power transfer. The outsole is Lake's SPD compatible Bath Tub Rubber flat sole, which provides sure traction in hike-a-bike situations and some comforting pedal purchase in the event of a missed clip-in. To ensure that you experience an ideal, consistent, and powerful fit, the MX331 features the venerable BOA L4 Push/Pull retention system. Advantages of this system include a nearly limitless level of volume customization, a complete lack of pressure points, and a drop in weight compared to buckle systems. Lake also made the carbon fiber heel cup of the MX331 fully-moldable, reducing the chance you'll ever have to experience the power-sapping effects of... More

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