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De Marchi Short Parka Jacket - Men's

De Marchi Short Parka Jacket - Men's   De Marchi Short Parka Jacket - Men's

De Marchi Short Parka Jacket - Men's

 $248.95    $37.34

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The original designs of the parka as we know it today were based on Inuit jackets made from caribou or seal skin, hence the name parka, or "animal skin." De Marchi's Short Parka Jacket for men is a faithful recreation of the item as introduced to consumers when the design was adopted for mass production in the 1950s. The jacket's cotton and nylon blend creates a barrier against wind, light rain, and road spray that--though it may not be equal to the conditions of the Canadian Arctic--will certainly protect animals of the alley cat genus as they prowl the urban landscape. The slim fit, snap cuffs, drawstring hem, and hood all serve to extend and preserve the jacket's protective barrier in all directions while two front pockets cover cargo details. While they won't quite provision an expedition to chart the Northwest Passage, the pockets will secure your valuables courtesy of their button closures. De Marchi finishes the jacket with typically understated style that's only interrupted by a full-length zipper and subtle branding on the... More

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