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Patagonia 86621

Patagonia 86621   Patagonia 86621

Men's Wavefarer Board Shorts

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Product details provided by Appalachian Outdoors:
From catching afternoon swells in Cali to boating down the rivers of the east, Patagonia's Wavefarer Board Shorts come correct with everything that you need. Being made from a sturdy nylon makes these shorts dry quickly so you won't be dripping everywhere you go, while a DWR finish provides just the right amount of weather resistance for cloudy beaches. PRODUCT FEATURES: Outseam is 19"; mid length is designed for surfers who prefer a trimmer, more pared-down silhouette 86621 , patagonia wavefarer shorts , patagonia wavefarer trunks , patagonia wavefarer swimming trunks , patagonia wavefarer board shorts , wavefarer boardshorts patagonia , patagonia mens wavefarer shorts , patagonia mens wavefarer trunks , patagonia mens wavefarer swimming trunks , patagonia mens wavefarer board shorts , mens wavefarer boardshorts patagonia , swim shorts , water shorts , board shorts , boardshorts , shorts , swimsuits , swim suits , mens swim shorts , mens water shorts , mens board shorts , mens boardshorts , mens shorts , mens swimsuits , mens swim suits , surf clothing , surf shorts , surfing shorts , surf clothes , surf style , bathing shorts , mens surf clothing , mens surf shorts , mens surfing shorts , mens surf clothes , mens surf style , mens bathing shorts , patagonia swim shorts , patagonia water shorts , patagonia board shorts , patagonia boardshorts , patagonia shorts , patagonia swimsuits , patagonia swim suits , patagonia mens swim shorts , patagonia mens water shorts , patagonia mens board shorts , patagonia mens boardshorts , patagonia mens shorts , patagonia mens swimsuits , patagonia mens swim suits , patagonia surf clothing , patagonia surf shorts , patagonia surfing shorts , patagonia surf clothes , patagonia surf style , patagonia bathing shorts , patagonia mens surf clothing , patagonia mens surf shorts , patagonia mens surfing shorts , patagonia mens surf clothes , patagonia mens surf style , patagonia mens bathing... More

Patagonia 86621
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