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Marmot 19790

Marmot 19790   Marmot 19790

Women's Big Mountain Gloves

 $134.95    $67.48

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Product details provided by Appalachian Outdoors:
Any mountain, big or small, is no match for Marmot's Big Mountain Gloves. Insulated with Primaloft and given a GORE-TEX liner, this glove offers some of the best heat insulation and waterproofing there is. Combine warmth and weatherproofing with a convenient and comfy drawstring, and the Big Mountain Gloves are sure to have you toasty and impressed. PRODUCT FEATURES: Main Materials: MemBrain 2L 100% Nylon 4.4 oz/yd, Washable Leather 06.-0.8mm Lining Material: DriClime 3-Dimentional Wicking Lining Insulation Material: Primaloft One- Patented Synthetic Down, Low Bulk, Warm, Water Repellent Reinforcement Material: Washable Leather 06.-0.8mm Glove Insert Material: GORE-TEX Glove Insert Durably Waterproof, Windproof and Breathable Weight: (Large) 0lbs 8.26oz (234g) 19790 , marmot Womens Big Mountain Gloves , Womens Big Mountain Gloves marmot , marmot Big Mountain Gloves , Big Mountain Gloves marmot , marmot Womens Big Mountain , Womens Big Mountain marmot , marmot Big Mountain , Big Mountain marmot , ski gloves , skiing gloves , snowboard gloves , snowboarding gloves , ski hats gloves , gloves , handwear , snowboarding , skiing , winter gloves , cold weather gloves , waterproof gloves , warm gloves , insulated gloves , ski accessories , skiing accessories , snowboard accessories , snowboarding accessories , marmot ski gloves , marmot skiing gloves , marmot snowboard gloves , marmot snowboarding gloves , marmot ski hats gloves , marmot gloves , marmot handwear , marmot snowboarding , marmot skiing , marmot winter gloves , marmot cold weather gloves , marmot waterproof gloves , marmot warm gloves , marmot insulated gloves , marmot ski accessories , marmot skiing accessories , marmot snowboard accessories , marmot snowboarding accessories , womens gloves , womens waterproof gloves , womens ski gloves , womens skiing gloves , womens snowboarding gloves , womens snowboard... More

Marmot 19790
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