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Kuhl 8312

Kuhl 8312   Kuhl 8312

Women's Asta LS Shirt

 $74.95    $44.97

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Appalachian Outdoors
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Product details provided by Appalachian Outdoors:
Plaid just got cooler with the Asta LS Shirt from Kuhl. It's all thanks to its lightweight fabric that is soft and breathable for a cool fit you'll love. The Asta LS Shirt also features fashionable details such as ribbon trim, embroidery stitching detail, and classic plaid patterning, of course. PRODUCT FEATURES: Ribbon trim and embroidery stitching detail Fabric: main body: 64% Modal, 36% Polyester 4.5 oz/sq. yd; 151 GSM Lightweight double weave Soft, breathable fabric Colorful summer plaids on inside and outside of fabric Safari straps hold sleeves in place Darts for a flattering fit UPF 40 Imported 8312 , kuhl Womens Asta LS Shirts , Womens Asta LS Shirt kuhls , kuhl Womens Asta LSs , Womens Asta LS kuhls , kuhl Asta LS Shirts , Asta LS Shirt kuhls , kuhl Asta LSs , Asta LS kuhls , kuhl asta shirts , asta shirt kuhls , shirts , buttoned shirts , button shirts , button up shirts , button down shirts , casual shirts , everyday shirts , every day shirts , womens shirts , womens buttoned shirts , womens button shirts , womens button up shirts , womens button down shirts , womens casual shirts , womens everyday shirts , womens every day shirts , ladies shirts , ladies buttoned shirts , ladies button shirts , ladies button up shirts , ladies button down shirts , ladies casual shirts , ladies everyday shirts , ladies every day shirts , kuhl shirts , kuhl buttoned shirts , kuhl button shirts , kuhl button up shirts , kuhl button down shirts , kuhl casual shirts , kuhl everyday shirts , kuhl every day shirts , kuhl womens shirts , kuhl womens buttoned shirts , kuhl womens button shirts , kuhl womens button up shirts , kuhl womens button down shirts , kuhl womens casual shirts , kuhl womens everyday shirts , kuhl womens every day shirts , kuhl ladies shirts , kuhl ladies buttoned shirts , kuhl ladies button shirts , kuhl ladies button up shirts , kuhl ladies button down shirts , kuhl ladies casual shirts , kuhl ladies everyday shirts , kuhl ladies every day shirts , ladies short sleeve shirts , ladies short sleeve everyday shirts , ladies short sleeve buttoned shirts , ladies short sleeve button up shirts , ladies short sleeve button down shirts , long sleeve shirts , long sleeve everyday shirts , long sleeve buttoned shirts , long sleeve button up shirts , long sleeve button down shirts , womens long sleeve shirts , womens long sleeve everyday shirts , womens long sleeve buttoned shirts , womens long sleeve button up shirts , womens long sleeve button down shirts , ladies long sleeve shirts , ladies long sleeve everyday shirts , ladies long sleeve buttoned shirts , ladies long sleeve button up shirts , ladies long sleeve button down... More

Kuhl 8312
Item #: 8312!KUHL
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