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Kavu 569

Kavu 569   Kavu 569

Men's Coastal Shirt

 $54.95    $32.97

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Product details provided by Appalachian Outdoors:
Whether you're hittin' the office or pub, you can always count on Kavu's Coastal Shirt. Soft and clean, this shirt has it all. PRODUCT FEATURES: Casual fit Short sleeve button up shirt Stand collar Two chest flap pockets Curved hem 100% cotton woven multi colored plaid with heavy wash 569 , kavu coastal , kavu coastal shirts , kavu coastal buttondown shirts , kavu trust us shirts , coastal shirts kavu , kavu mens coastal , kavu mens coastal shirts , kavu mens coastal buttondown shirts , mens coastal shirts kavu , kavu ss button down shirts , kavu ss button up shirts , kavu ss buttondown shirts , kavu ss buttonup shirts , kavu short sleeve tops , kavu short sleeve shirts , kavu organic cotton tops , kavu organic shirts , kavu organic tops , kavu clothing , kavu apparel , kavu plaid tops , kavu collared shirts , kavu collared tops , kavu collar shirts , kavu collar tops , kavu dress shirts , kavu dress tops , kavu everyday shirts , kavu every day shirts , kavu everyday tops , kavu every day tops , kavu casual tops , kavu casual shirts , kavu mens ss button down shirts , kavu mens ss button up shirts , kavu mens ss buttondown shirts , kavu mens ss buttonup shirts , kavu mens short sleeve tops , kavu mens short sleeve shirts , kavu mens organic cotton tops , kavu mens organic shirts , kavu mens organic tops , kavu mens clothing , kavu mens apparel , kavu mens plaid tops , kavu mens collared shirts , kavu mens collared tops , kavu mens collar shirts , kavu mens collar tops , kavu mens dress shirts , kavu mens dress tops , kavu mens everyday shirts , kavu mens every day shirts , kavu mens everyday tops , kavu mens every day tops , kavu mens casual tops , kavu mens casual shirts , kavu mens go to shirts , kavu mens mens go to shirts , kavu mens goto shirts , kavu mens go to button down shirts , mens go to shirts kavu , kavu mens button down shirts , kavu mens button up shirts , kavu mens organic cotton shirts , kavu mens buttoned shirts , kavu mens tops , men's button down shirts , mens button-front shirts , mens short sleeve , short sleeve button down shirt , mens clothing , men's shirts , mens shirts , mens fashions , men's fashion , mens casual shirts , tops , sleeve... More

Kavu 569
Item #: 569!KAVU
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