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Neve 6031

Neve 6031   Neve 6031

Women's Addison Shawl Cardigan

 $187.95    $93.97

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Appalachian Outdoors
Updated 9 hours ago
Product details provided by Appalachian Outdoors:
Fireside readings call for the comfort of the soft and cozy Addison Shawl Cardigan from Neve. Inspired by British tweeds, this sweater features classic patterns and elbow patches in vibrant colors. And, when you leave the warmth of the fire, the Addison's 100% merino construction and shawl collar will be sure to hold on to some of the warmth for you. PRODUCT FEATURES: Inspired by British tweeds Knit with 100% ultra-fine Merino wool Medium-weight sweater Classic tweed patterns Contrast elbow patches in captivating colors The traditional shawl collar and classic fit are comfy and cozy 6031 , neve Womens Addison Shawl Cardigans , Womens Addison Shawl Cardigan neves , neve Womens Addison Cardigans , Womens Addison Cardigan neves , neve Addison Shawl Cardigans , Addison Shawl Cardigan neves , neve Addison Cardigans , Addison Cardigan neves , neve addisons , addison neves , button down sweaters , buttoned sweaters , button up sweaters , cardigans sweaters , clothes sweaters , knit sweaters , knitwear , sweaters , tops , fleece sweaters , womens button down sweaters , womens buttoned sweaters , womens button up sweaters , womens cardigans sweaters , womens clothes sweaters , womens knit sweaters , womens knitwear , womens sweaters , womens tops , womens fleece sweaters , ladies button down sweaters , ladies cardigans sweaters , ladies clothes sweaters , ladies knit sweaters , ladies knitwear , ladies sweaters , ladies tops , ladies fleece sweaters , neve button down sweaters , neve buttoned sweaters , neve button up sweaters , neve cardigans sweaters , neve clothes sweaters , neve knit sweaters , neve knitwear , neve sweaters , neve tops , neve fleece sweaters , neve womens button down sweaters , neve womens buttoned sweaters , neve womens button up sweaters , neve womens cardigans sweaters , neve womens clothes sweaters , neve womens knit sweaters , neve womens knitwear , neve womens sweaters , neve womens tops , neve womens fleece sweaters , neve ladies button down sweaters , neve ladies cardigans sweaters , neve ladies clothes sweaters , neve ladies knit sweaters , neve ladies knitwear , neve ladies sweaters , neve ladies tops , cardigans , wool cardigans , merino wool... More

Neve 6031
Item #: 6031!NEVE
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