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AR15 BAR Barrel Nut

AR15 BAR Barrel Nut   AR15 BAR Barrel Nut

AR15 BAR Barrel Nut

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Product details provided by Aero Precision:
The AR15 Bar Barrel Nut is used to connect BAR style handguards to standard threaded upper receivers. This product comes with 4 shims to properly time the gas tube with the upper receiver.
Compatible with mil-spec threaded upper receivers ONLY.

BAR Barrel Nut
BAR Shim Pack (4 shims)


Material: Machined from Billet 7075-T6 Aluminum
Coating: Anodized Black
Torque with standard AR15 armorer's wrench
Supports Mil-Spec AR-15 barrels with outer diameters up to .998"

View BAR Barrel nut instructions here.
Please Note: All Aero Precision Handguards use the BAR interface. If you intend to connect an Aero Precision Handguard to a standard threaded
upper receiver, you will need a Bar Barrel Nut. If you have our M4E1 Enhanced Upper Receiver, you do not need a BAR Barrel Nut as the barrel nut and rail mounting platform are forged directly on to the
upper receiver itself. *Recommended torque settings between 30 - 45 ft lbs. Torque over 45 ft lbs may result in damage to the barrel... More

Aero Precision APRH100268
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