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Martel BuddyBliner LED Headlamp

Martel BuddyBliner LED Headlamp   Martel BuddyBliner LED Headlamp

Martel BuddyBliner LED Headlamp


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The Rovor Martel BuddyBlinder is your ideal companion for any trip. At 150 lumens it is bright enough to blind all your buddies. After you blind everyone you can change it to the friendly low mode with a 12 hour run time. The run time in high mode is 4 hours, but your buddies will all leave you before then.Rovor also included two red LED modes in this headlamp. The low red mode has a run time of 30 hours and is ideal for reading at night or hiking without effecting your night vision. The flashing red mode has a run time of 120 hours. We don't know why you would use that though, we just added the blinking feature to one-up the competition.The Martel BuddyBlinder uses 3 AAA batteries that are not included. If you buy a BuddyBlinder for each of your buddies they will forgive you for blinding them. Everyone needs a good... More

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