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Covert 36" Padded Guncase

Covert 36" Padded Guncase   Covert 36" Padded Guncase

Covert 36" Padded Guncase


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Product details provided by 3V Gear:
The Covert 36" Padded Gun Case is part of the new S.O.B. line packs and bags. S.O.B. stands for Stealth Operator's Bag. (No, not the other thing.) In the world we live in, sometimes it is a good idea to not draw a lot of attention to yourself and this is the goal of S.O.B. line of bags. A S.O.B. gives you a more subdued tactical look without compromising the quality and durability of the bag. All S.O.B. bags come with 3V Gear's Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty. The Covert 36" Padded Gun Case has been designed to withstand the rigors of field use with its semi-rigid design and fully padded enclosure. The front compartment has a large pocket for carrying your pistol, five daisy chain elastic loops for pistol magazines, six daisy chain elastic loops for high-capacity rifle magazines, and two mesh pockets for additional gear. The main compartment is fully padded and has corner mounts to secure the butt and barrel of your gun. Plus, velcro cinch straps with keep your firearm in place when in transit.The Covert 36" Padded Gun Case is easy to carry depending on your needs. A single shoulder strap can be used to carry the gun case over your shoulder in a backpack style, strung across your torso in a sling style, as a shoulder bag, or with the padded, velcro side grab handles in a briefcase... More

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