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Subrosa Urban Tech Backpack

Subrosa Urban Tech Backpack   Subrosa Urban Tech Backpack

Subrosa Urban Tech Backpack


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Looking for the more discreet and subdued look? 3V Gear Subrosa is the pack for you! This urban tech backpack is built with organization and efficiency in mind; the Subrosa has two padded laptop sleeves that easily fit most laptops and tablets. Equipped with a robust admin pocket, everything has a place, and there is a place for everything. Say good bye to a jumbled mess when you are trying to find a specific cord or a pen! The Subrosa is built from durable 600D PVC backed polyester with a clam shell design for easy load and access. Not only is the Subrosa rugged, it has a natural water repellency to keep all of your gear and you... More

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