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3V Gear Tactical Military Shemagh

3V Gear Tactical Military Shemagh   3V Gear Tactical Military Shemagh

3V Gear Tactical Military Shemagh


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Product details provided by 3V Gear:
Military men, operator's, adventurers, and Rottweilers alike have adopted the shemagh as part of their wardrobe for its practical attributes as well as style. Whether you are operating in the desert, hiking snowy peaks, or crossing through a jungle, this tactical shemagh will keep you protected from elements. Made of high quality 100% cotton and adorned with the stitched 3V Gear logo. You can use it as a neck scarf, head scarf, or even as a regular scarf to keep the cold out. There are limitless uses for the shemagh and that is why it has become a part most military men and women's attire in the field and around town.FEATURES100% CottonStitched pattern, not screen printedMeasures 42" x 42"ReversibleHand wash with cold... More

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